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With a Cinema and TV degree + Photography studies in my backpack and years of experience as a communication specialist, my life took another turn when I realized that I am most passionate about going beyond the screen.

I am fascinated by playing with new narratives to foster real impact in our world. Therefore, I seek to transmit the values of our stories (human side) and strike the chord of our audiences to achieve change. Beyond that, I am always curious to explore new sights and perspectives of our reality, as a child would do. These are all sides of who I am and take part in my creative process, methodology, work and art.

Today I am a freelancer and play an active part in Garage Stories (innovation lab).
We aim to build a better future with emerging media. We design and host hackathons, workshops, and communication strategies to channel the impact of storytelling
into social and environmental positive outcomes. 


Welcome to my line of life.

These are the landmarks that have preceded a change of gaze in my journey. The “a-ha” moments in which something clicked in my mind and I got to answer an important question or formulate a new one. These dots are not just celebrations, but also lows and breakdowns, from where I have been able to shift direction or nail my focus to blossom and grow stronger.

Who am I?

My name is Mar, like the “sea”.
I came to this world in 1994. Original from Barcelona city, although I’ve always considered myself a world citizen.

As we may end working together,
I would love to break the ice by coming closer first as a human, then as a professional.

*Shortcut me to the professional sight.

Nature is the phenomenon that inspires me the most.
I also wonder a lot about the roots of humanity and where we are heading.
I love surfing, skating and playing the drums. I am also passionate about art, languages, volunteering for environmental and human purposes, and bonding with friends from all over the world.
Challenging myself to live and learn new experiences is my motto and I’ve always dreamt about becoming a (good) pirate.
> An album that inspires me: Loveless — My Bloody Valentine
> My favourite moving picture: Spirited Away — Hayao Miyazaki

Professional sight.