‘Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.’
— Re-thinking today’s reality

new narratives — innovation — re-thinking

MAR GIMENO LUMBIARRES, 1994, Barcelona. She’s a communicator and creative, born in Barcelona and a citizen of the world. She graduates in Audiovisual Communication at FCRI Blanquerna (2016), presenting further studies in Narrative Photography, Retouching and Digital Image Processing (2017). Her career and concerns guide her to go progressively beyond the screen, seeking an emotional immersion to the audience’s inner world. Her work focuses on exploring impact communication using new narratives, technology and the physical space.

She has participated in the group exhibition “SIX OF A MIND” (Mutuo Centro de Arte, curated by Natasha Christia), presenting her first hybrid installation prototype. On 2021 she’ll be presenting at Docs Barcelona Festival “eCocoon Project” (winner of the ‘Garage Stories X Docs Barcelona 2020’ hackathon), a new model of public space intervention that invites the citizens of Barcelona to participate in the construction and conversion of their city into a sustainable metropolis of the future.

Today she works as a project manager at Garage Stories, an innovation, emerging tech and content lab (XR Barcelona – San Francisco).

‘When we touch an object,
we make it real;
thus, we can’t help
but stop feeling.’

(2019) Curation and Exhibition Management, Arte Sostenible, Barcelona / (2017) Narrative Photography, Retouching and Digital Image Processing, Escola Internacional de Fotografia GrisArt, Barcelona / (2016) Licensed in Audiovisual Communication, FCRI Blanquerna, Barcelona and Escola Superior de Comunicação Social, Lisboa

(2018) Family Of No Man, Collective exposition, Les Rencontres d’Arles / (2018) Expositive Installation, Collective exposition SIX OF A MIND, Galería Mutuo

(2020) eCocoon, “Garage Stories X Docs Barcelona 2020” hackathon winner — collaboration along Akasha HUB and Green City Lab Barcelona