Storytelling off-screen.
From Cinema to Installations.

—When we touch an object, we make it real; thus,
we can’t help but stop feeling.—

Audiovisual Communication licensed and studies in Photography and Digital Image Processing. I’ve always combined my career with music (drums).

I’m a communicator who feels the urge and commitment to research new ways for storytelling and cultivate an innovative perspective. —I aim to develop a contemporary narrative by the fusion of visual arts with today’s technology. In this process, the physical space takes an essential role in the narrative construction, both as a mediator and an exhibition place. Via physicality, I tend to unlock an emotional immersion to the audiences’ inner world and, in a certain way, build up a direct channel to mirror this into the presented narrativity.

contemporary storytelling — installations — visual art

“— Life is full of signs.
Life is footprints, cycles, connections,
accidents and discoveries that are translated into extraordinary events.
It is in us the ability to see.

We will create from our pure emotions such as love.
Also from pain, because it is as well transformation
and the proof that we are alive.
And we will speak with our heart and from our bowels
to sow human values and awaken the soul.

 Light is always born out of the darkness.—”

(2019) Curation and Exhibition Management, Arte Sostenible, Barcelona / (2017) Narrative Photography, Retouching and Digital Image Processing, Escola Internacional de Fotografia GrisArt, Barcelona / (2016) Licensed in Audiovisual Communication, FCRI Blanquerna, Barcelona and Escola Superior de Comunicação Social, Lisboa

(2018) Family Of No Man, Collective exposition, Les Rencontres d’Arles / (2018) Expositive Installation, Collective exposition SIX OF A MIND, Galería Mutuo