Creative Director and Producer


Roles: Creative Director & Producer,
Spatial Curator & Storyteller,
Innovation, Research, Positive Impact, Future Making

Areas: Spaces, Tech, Art, Culture, Behavioural Change, Heritage

I apply the rules of cinematic storytellingdesign thinking and design futures 
to connect with audiences through playful and engaging
experiences, campaigns, spaces and productions.
Areas: Spaces, Tech, Art, Culture, Behavioural Change, Heritage

Think tanks + Tech Communication strategy out of the box.

Clients: Garage Stories XR Lab
Roles: communication manager, creative producer,
content creator and facilitator.

Highlighted Labs / Themes:

Hack The Hospital 1, Hack The Hospital 2 __ Hackathon to improve the life of hospitalised paediatric patients and their families. In collaboration with Sant Joan de Déu, Boston’s Children’s Hospitals, Great Ormond Street (GOSH), SickKids children’s hospitals and Mobile World Capital Barcelona.
Robots, AI & Creativity__ Hackathon to use the possibilities of AI to enhance creativity and arts. In collaboration with Forum des Images and Tvibit.
Hack The Planet __ Hackathon to find solutions to switch to a sustainable behavioural change. In collaboration with DKV and MWC Barcelona.
Space Stories __ Think Tank to make the Earth research results from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) more understandable and engaging for a diverse audience. In collaboration with NASA JPL.
Girona 2030 __ Design Futures exercise (XR game) to reflect on the desires of the youth of the city of Girona (Spain). In collaboration with the city hall of Girona.

Today I am an active player in Garage Stories (XR content lab & agency). We are an innovation lab that crafts and facilitates think tanks, pop-up labs, hackathons and branding experiences for a better future. 

We build ecosystems where storytelling, technology, education and positive impact meet. In such environments, we work to build up solutions to real use-case challenges.

Mobile World Capital Barcelona, NASA JPL, Coca-Cola, Sant Joan de Déu, Boston Children’s Hospital, Forum Des Images, Tvibit


Project winner of the Robots, AI & Creativity hackathon:
«Please, Touch This Art» is an experience that makes art accessible for visually impaired people and other challenged groups through 3D-printed art-piece models of artworks and an AI voice assistant.

Storytelling Curation

Clients: THERMALIA History Museum
Role: exhibition curator & storyteller

Anita Gispert Vila, the official photographer of Caldes de Montbui from 1915 to 1930, will have her archive showcased for the first time at the THERMALIA History Museum.

This exhibition highlights her pioneering role as a female photographer in the early 20th century, exploring her work within the context of societal changes and women’s evolving roles.

Visitors can reflect on these themes interactively by visiting the replica of Anita’s studio, diving into her animated portraits with AI and enjoy a permanent XR route through the streets of Caldes de Montbui, immersing themselves in Anita’s legacy and the town’s history.

The exhibition features a never-before-seen photo collection curated from an open call to the residents of Caldes. Citizens shared their most cherished family archives, adding a deeply personal and communal dimension to the exhibit.

"La Fotògrafa del Poble" (2024 - on, Caldes de Montbui)

Roles: Exhibition Curator
Commissioned by THERMALIA History Museum

Spatial storytelling

Collaborations: RNUL Interactive, Studio C.A.R.E.
Role: communication strategist
and creative consultant

CB-Lab is the new low-threshold / high-end experimentation space for electronic and electro-acoustic music. The space has been designed and built in Rote Fabrik (Zürich). Creation, knowledge transfer and events converge in this space. Musicians talk about the possibilities and first impressions around the lab. Watch full interview set

In 2023, I completed the «Erasmus For Young Entrepreneurs» grant, a 6-month exchange with Studio C.A.R.E. and Rnul Interactive in Rotterdam (NL). I consulted on projects from concept to delivery, focusing on playful and co-creative audience engagement. This experience deepened my research into «physical ecosystems,» emphasizing participatory processes and exploring themes like social design, heritage, circularity, modularity, gamification, and interactivity. 

3 layers of engagement were explored:
1. project’s audience,
2. studio’s community and potential clients,
3. re-defining studio’s methodology

CB-Lab (Rote Fabrik), Huis van de Toekomst, Universität zu Köln, Lieve tante Olga (Taal Museum) 

Creative Production

From pre-production to event happening
Roles: Communication design and  creation, partnerships, community building,
assistant direction, production & facilitation. 

[ Highlights  Clients]

Garage Stories XR content lab,
CCAM, Generalitat de Catalunya,
Camera Japan, Efimero Films,
SEEDS XR, Vera Emerging Realities

"Future Innovation Lab" (2020 - on, Worldwide)

Commissioned by Garage Stories I Mobile World Capital
Roles: Creative Producer, Communication Design & Content Creator

Challenge: global hackathons that explore the potential of emerging technologies to build use cases for good.

Themes: healthtech, ecology, creativity

"International Exhibition of Craft Films"
Editions 1-5 (2019-2023, Barcelona)

Commisioned by Artesania Catalunya
Directed by David Hierro

MACBA, DHub I Disseny Hub Barcelona Screenings on FILMIN + FibraCat TV platforms

Roles: Assistant Director & Creative Producer

"Casamance: Soundtrack of a Journey" (2017, Senegal, Spain)

La Fábrica Naranja I dir. Paloma Zapata
Roles: As. Director (edition & distribution)

"White Rabbit" (2024, Barcelona)

Roles: As. Producer (VR film shooting)

Film researcher
/ Documentarist

[ Highlight Clients ]
Aardschap Foundation,
Garage Stories XR content lab

"Please Touch This Art" (2024, Tromsø)

Tech & Art residency in Tromsø
Roles: Documentarist, Filmmaker, Editor & Project Manager

Commissioned by Garage Stories XR Lab, Tvibit, Forum des Images

"Informal Justice Court" (2023 - on, Netherlands-Nigeria)

Teaser & Documentary development.
Roles: Archive research & Film editor

Commissioned by Aardschap Foundation (Netherlands)
Melle Smets & Joost van Onna