Innovation is: staying in touch with our roots.

Welcome, I'm Mar.

(she/her) I’m a Spanish-catalan filmmaker and artist from Barcelona (1994), based in Rotterdam (Netherlands).

Cinema brings me the tools to connect with audiences through emotions, no matter the experience we are designing (event, research, film, space). Apart from that, cinema makes me become a curator, researcher and creative producer amongst other roles.

My clients are curious people who tend to blend expertise, question, research,
thinking and crafting out of the box

I  zoom in and out of their projects to
1. understand, 2. document and
3. co-design a meaningful connection with their audience

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Technovation Girls, Aardschap Foundation, Camera Japan,
Seeds XR, Vera Emerging Realities, CCAM (Generalitat de Catalunya),
Museu Thermalia, Efímero Films, Aguacate & Calabaza Films,
Motion Plus Design, Erasmus MC Rotterdam,
Sol Escobar Music

My work

My story

Mar Gimeno Lumbiarres (she/her)
December 16th, 1994, Barcelona

With a Storytelling and Communications career in my backpack (Cinema + Photography studies and working with cinema directors, music publishing figures, etc) my life took another turn when I discovered my passion: bringing stories out of the screen.

My goal? Create narratives that may engage children and adults, and provoke a reaction. 

Today I am a freelancer and help individuals and collectives connect the dots, document and connect with their audiences meaningfully.
My clients tend to be organisations and individuals working with transdisciplinary practises and teams such as cultural institutions, innovation labs, producers, artists, studios and NGOs. Most of them question our present practices, research, and work to transition towards a positive future. 

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*We went to Tromsø (Robots-AI-Creativity residency)

In collaboration with: Garage Stories, Tvibit and Forum des Images Festival

About: «Please, Touch This Art» is an experience that makes art accessible for visually impaired people and other challenged groups through 3D-printed art-piece models of artworks and an AI voice assistant. Through the sense of touch and sound, the project aims to bring the act of «experiencing visual art» into a new possibility and intends to be integrated into museums, art, culture, and educational institutions amongst others. The renders are collected through AI, Advanced image recognition, and 3D printing techniques.

My role: Project Manager & Documentarist on behalf of Garage Stories XR content lab


I’m a proud team organiser member of

__ Creative Mornings Rotterdam – A free, monthly breakfast lecture series for the creative community in Rotterdam (last Friday of the month).
__ FuckUp Nights Barcelonaa global series of events where we share business failure stories. Each month, at our events around the world, we get three or four people to face a room full of strangers to share their fuckups. 

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