Your idea reflects your story.
Let's build together the greatest storyline!

Welcome! I’m Mar.
A storyteller + visual artist working in impact projects, new media and film.
I help individuals and collectives shape their ideas into meaningful experiences.
Then, telling the world!

I believe in the power of stories as our way to communicate. Also, that stories can be told in different shapes and formats:
— from image to written 
— from online to a physical experience
— or merging them!
These are all areas we will work on together.

My story

With a Cinema and TV degree + Photography studies in my backpack and years of experience as a communication specialist, my life took another turn when I realized that I am most passionate about going beyond the screen.

I am fascinated by playing with new narratives to foster real impact in our world. Therefore, I seek to transmit the values of our stories (human side) and strike the chord of our audiences to achieve change. Beyond that, I am always curious to explore new sights and perspectives of our reality, as a child would do. These are all sides of who I am and take part in my creative process, methodology, work and art.

Today I am a freelancer and play an active part in Garage Stories (innovation lab).

My work

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Dirección Fotografía Audiovisuales

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Garage Stories (positive impact) Diseño de experiencias

How can I help you?

My mission is to tackle the human values
and feelings of your projects’ story.
Then, bring them up into the user experience (product)
to make it remarkable.

Our roadmap:
1) Together, we will pull the threads of light of your project.
2) We will find out the story behind it.
3) And transform its potential into an
experience that touches people!

The outcome:
— Images (photography, film)
— New Narratives (merge of images, creative copy, transmedia and design thinking)

My method

Striking the chord
Personal and professional life events have taught me that everything is nailed to 
human interactions.

We may be connecting with some experience
(service or product) because we are getting to
the story behind it.

*Design Thinking struck a chord in my creative process.
It’s the methodology that helps me (us) deeply understand
connect and bring solutions to the social, emotional,
and physical needs of our audiences.  

In a nutshell:
— There is always a human story.
— We are being triggered by its emotions.
— Our mission is to highlight this story.

What people think?

OO Immersive experience + Exhibition
pannel, 2018

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