Are you ready to raise your business standards and generate a positive impact on your target audience?

Welcome, I'm Mar.

I am a freelance storyteller, photographer and project coordinator.

I work on positive impact, innovation, new media + film projects. All initiatives aimed to shape and build our society-world in a meaningful way. Because of that, my methodology is based on the power of human stories and human-centred design thinking.

Today I will help you transform your business ideas, challenges and dreams into a meaningful and profitable experience.

Let’s leave our positive footprint on our world!

Stories that will engage your audiences

Tell your story.
Make your audiences fall in  love with YOU!

I believe in the power of human stories.

Also, that our stories carry along with many valuable messages:
Who we are, our roots, our purposes, values and DNA.

Today, you can choose to share your business principles with the world and become part of an inspirational movement.

Connect with your desired audiences by explaining to them who you are, which were the triggers that pushed your idea and how you can best partner together!

My story

With a Cinema and TV degree + Photography studies in my backpack and years of experience as a communication specialist, my life took another turn when I realized that I am most passionate about taking action beyond the screen.

I am fascinated by playing with new narratives to foster real impact in our world. Therefore, I seek to transmit the values of our stories (human side) and strike the chord of our audiences to achieve change

Today I am a freelancer and help individuals and collectives connect with their audiences with human-centered DESIGN THINKING communication and STORYTELLING.

At the same time, I play an active part in Garage Stories (innovation lab for positive impact use case) and am a team coordinator at the Mostra Internacional d’Audiovisuals d’Artesania de Catalunya (CCAM/Generalitat).

My work


Documenting your story with photography or video making. /Conceptualizing your visual idea from scratch.


Designing new ways to connect with your audiences. Leaving a mark.


Projects that explore the unknown sides of storytelling. Connection with nature and human senses/immersive experiences.

What people think?

Let's make it happen!

If you care for your audiences and the value of your message, you’re on the right path to make a positive impact!

Step 1.

Let’s meet up for a virtual or face-to-face coffee!

Step 2.

You’ll share with me who you are, and what is your business idea, challenge, dream, and story.

Step 3.

After our coffee, you’ll end with a draft of the best ways we could boost your business and revenue while generating a meaningful impact on your target audience.

Step 4.

I’ll propose you a budget and action plan that will fulfill your challenges.

Step 5.

Here’s where our journey begins.
Shall we get started?