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Boost your business and revenue while generating a meaningful impact on your target audience through human connection.

If you care for your audiences and the value of your message, you’re on the right path to making a positive impact!

Book a consultancy with me and discover your tailored possibilities to apply storytelling, creativity, design thinking, and transmedia to your business, project, proposal, persona, and campaigns.

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Let’s meet up for a virtual or face-to-face coffee!

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You’ll share with me who you are, and what is your business idea, challenge, dream, and story.

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After our coffee, you’ll end with a draft of the best ways we could boost your business and revenue while generating a meaningful impact on your target audience.

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I’ll propose you a budget and action plan that will fulfill your challenges.

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Here’s where our journey begins.
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ROUNDTABLE: “Creation and integration of XR health projects for social impact”

Date: Thursday, 1st December 2022
Time: 11:45am – 12:45pm
Venue: VRDays (Rotterdam)
Room: Van Beuningen Zaal 

Mar Gimeno Lumbiarres. Project Manager of Hack the Hospital2 at Garage stories.

Tanit Esnal, Co-founder & CEO of Kauka VR.
Mavi Sánchez. PhD in Neurosciences, Co-Director of the Event Lab at the University of Barcelona, Chief medical officer and Co-founder of Virtual Bodyworks and Professor and researcher at ICREA.

Moderator: Carlos Bolívar. Founder & CEO of Distrito XR and XR Spot, and Expert and consultant in XR technologies.

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