Immersive Installations

I create my own reality, after that I live the experience.

The collecting process follows the structure of a filming. I work with a technical and artistic crew of the cinema industry (creating and directing LIVE sets and scenes), with the distinction that every action will be uniquely condensed/captured in one “still shot” (single photo). I direct and also perform the photos pausing the action in the perfect timming. Later the collected images are presented in art installation structures (merging with the space, adding video-light-sound-smell effects). The purpose is to make the viewer perform in a sensorial experience.


OO (2017)

“In a Post Apocalyptic world, in a natural and atemporal space, the human figure returns to it’s origins: transforms into a wild beast.”

A man and a woman have started a new life in the forest bowels, following a primitive instinct that urged them to escape and hide in there. With the arrival of darkness, both human figures suffer a transformation. Man and woman loose any civilised and humanity trace, completely sinking in the beast and vermin world, turning into one of them.

(2018) 1st Expositive Installation – Collective exposition SIX OF A MIND
May 2018 / MUTUO Centro de Arte, Barcelona / Natasha Christia, curator

Participation on collective exposition FAMILY OF NO MAN
July-September 2018 / Les Rencontres d’Arles, France / Natasha Christia, curator