'Embracing the creative hybrid process'

“What if we moved storytelling a step further?” — My path as a communication specialist took a crucial turn when I came across this question. *New Narratives is all about embracing the hybrid creative process:
— Taking the best of the storytelling forms (visual, written, physical, virtual) and merging them into our communication strategy.
— Channeling the potential of our stories into live actions that may make a real impact on our world.
— Finding ways to shift to a collective experience.

"Hack The Hospital" (Garage Stories),
Virtual hackathon + impact challenge 2021

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"Girona 2030" (Garage Stories),
Workshop + design futures experience 2021

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"Flors i Paraules"
Commission. Creative copy, UX design,
Web design 2021

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"Efimero Films"
Commission. Web design, 2022

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Today I play an active part in Garage Stories.

We are an innovation lab aiming to build a better future with
emerging media. We design and host hackathons, workshops,
and communication strategies to channel the impact of storytelling
into social and environmental positive outcomes

*If you’re looking for photography/video
or image strategy, I encourage you
to check my visual works:

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