'Bringing our imaginary into the physical world.'

“I came to this world to trigger your feelings and senses
and give you extraordinary and magnetising experiences.”

— Mar Gimeno Lumbiarres


I’ve always considered myself a hybrid artist,
and I proudly embrace that.
I speak and craft with images (frozen and movement),
music, words, sounds, and compositions.

As a hybrid creator, I feel the urge to go “beyond the screen”
and explore the unknown sides of storytelling.
Trying to transfer this imaginary dimension as close to life as possible by bringing it to the physical space and interacting with it. (‘When we touch something, it becomes real.’).
This may involve, amongst other practices, playing and triggering our whole 5 senses. Smoothly diluting our levels of reality.
Crafting an immersive experience.

Immersive experience + Exhibition pannel, 2018

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