My storyline resume

Storytelling off-screen. From Cinema to Installations.
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Mar Gimeno Lumbiarres, 1994, Barcelona. Audiovisual Communication licensed and studies in Photography and Digital Image Processing. She’s always combined her career with music (drums). Waves of life have lead her to research & cultivate new ways for storytelling. She claims that the implementation of technology in a physical space is the answer to communication evolution. Creators must remain faithful to the tangible dimension (limited physical area) as screen intoxication is a real social issue. The contemporary user is starting to become immune to feelings and thus seeks for real experiences.

‘Contemporary creatives need to adapt to a new ecosystem ruled by the balance of storytelling, technology and a physical space.’

new media art — interactive technology — contemporary storytelling



(2019) Curator and Exhibition Management — Arte Sostenible, Barcelona
(2018) TouchDesigner Workshop — GOMA, Portugal