My Method

From Cinema to Photography to Art Installations

Mar Gimeno Lumbiarres, 1994, Barcelona
Film Director and Photographer. Experimental art, installations, sound effects. I also play the drums.

I’ve worked along music video, spots and documentary productions as a director assistant, and performed film still coverings for tv series and experimental productions. I’ve recently entered the curation and installation exhibition field. I’m also currently working as a music supervisor.

My interest is focused on the practice and merge of art disciplines, mostly cinema and still photography. My author work is based on the execution of still photographs (single photos) through the working process of film shooting (creating and directing LIVE sets and scenes with a cinema technical and artistic crew). Each project is designed to be publicly presented and concluded in an art installation structure (merging the images with the space, adding video-light-sound effects).

My aim is to develop as a multidisciplinar creator and artist.

Nowadays I’m developing a co-created feature (script review phase) based on a true story during the Witch-hunt era in Catalunya.